As a 17 year old girl growing up in a westernised culture there is the stigma that ‘boys will be boys’. Lad culture is rife, sleeping with whatever girl you can find is highly praised, whether this is consensual or forced doesn’t matter. Sex is sex.

Now boys let me give you a little insight into…



Theres something about saturday nights that seriously depresses me.

Theres something about me being forced to stay at home by my strict backward thinking parents, whilst all my friends are out living their teen years.

And thats what depresses me, its the thought that this is the only time in my…



They give you those little moments sometimes don’t they, that feeling of content and comfortability. It’s a sinking feeling, you feel as though you could sink into their body and stay intertwined forever.

Buts thats exactly what it is. Sinking.

We romanticise it in this context but when you…

Thoughts of an 18 year old Middle Eastern girl growing up in a Western Society


They say actions speak louder than words, but for now i am too fearful to act upon the actions i am longing to do in my head.

Possession. I am an object, an object for a family later on to become an object of another man. How am i an object? My feelings, thoughts and ideas are disregarded. My…

Already saving for my plastic surgery fund, symmetrical face and nice tits here I come

Anonymous Asked:
hi :) i saw that you were a little worried about your a levels and getting into uni but honestly, you don't have anything to worry about. my older sister got exactly the same as you at a level but since she got predicted 3As, she still got into medicine at southampton even if she got a B in chemistry. seriously bb, don't worry because i'm sure you'll get in and in the end, that's all that matters :) x

aww thank you this really cheered me up,im just want to be a good candidate and i want to be in a comfortable position and with the B in chem it doesnt put me there. But thank you :) x

Anonymous Asked:
You can actually still apply for dentistry with AAAB, like that's the minimum you need for AS. You have the 3A prediction grades! I was aiming for that to do medicine but I came out with 1A and 3Bs T_T

yea but that b is at as level, i want to be a good solid candidate not in the ok you met the minimum requirements zone.

Anonymous Asked:
how the fuck do you get AAAB and then complain? nah

well for the course i want to do i cant get AAAB, i need all A’s

AS level results

A in bio, psychology and philosophy but i got a B in chem.

Goodbye all chances of getting into dentistry.

Goodbye chances of getting into bristol.

Going to be homeless yay